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We have always offered the best in eyecare, and now we want to extend our service to your hearing too. 

Hearing loss is all too often something that people put up with. Left untreated it can eventually become a considerable problem. If deteriorating hearing is beginning to impact on your daily life, then a hearing check can help you wrestle back control.

By booking a test, you're on your way to restoring your hearing. Our hearing care professional, Seamus McKenna, can help you get to the bottom of the problem, and advise on suitable options to help improve your hearing.

If you require a hearing aid, our team will help you choose the right option for you. All of our hearing aids come with lifetime aftercare and up to a 5-year warranty, so you can rely on your hearing aid for years to come.

Why not book a hearing test today?

Matthew Optician & Hearing Care


Thank you. Our Audiologist will contact you to arrange a convenient appointment.



If you feel that lately you are having issues with your hearing and it's beginning to impact your social, work, and home life, then it might be a good idea to book in for a hearing test. Hearing tests are simple and easy to carry out, and you'll receive friendly care from our professional and experienced audiologist, Seamus McKenna.

All kinds of hearing loss can be diagnosed through our testing process, so you'll receive comprehensive hearing protection.

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Seamus McKenna (RHAD) HCPC registered


Seamus studied at Mary Hare in Newbury, qualifying as a Hearing Aid Dispenser in 2018. He previously worked for Devon County Council sourcing domiciliary care for Social Services. He enjoys his role and does it with great enthusiasm. Seamus brings a new set of skills to the practice, he is an excellent communicator, especially with the elderly and frail. He is known for his calm, patient approach. 

Health & Personal 
In his leisure time, Seamus is a music producer and is intrigued by the study of sound. He also enjoys going for walks with his partner Emma and their new beagle puppy, Albi, who is a very energetic little soul.

Our audiologist at Matthews Opticians
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