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Designer Eyewear At Matthews Opticians Helston


Eyewear is about finding a perfect combination of brilliant vision, comfort and style and we make sure all of our glasses fit that description. We have something for everyone with designer brands, new looks and eco-conscious eyewear. Not only do we source our glasses from environmentally-focussed suppliers, but we can reglaze your frames to make your eyewear last longer while still looking and feeling like new.

Our dispensing team are always on hand to offer you recommendations and provide you with expert guidance to help you make a decision you’re happy with.  


Personalised Eyewear Styling At Matthews Opticians


Have you ever wondered what kind of frames are best for your face shape? Or dreamed about finding eyewear that perfectly complements your look? Our dispensing team are great at answering these questions using a wealth of experience and styling knowledge.

We aim to provide honest and helpful advice when it’s needed but also to give you plenty of time to try on frames and think about your options.  

Prescription Sunglasses


Quality sunglasses are not only a great complement to your beach look, they also offer eye protection, comfort and, with our prescription range, perfect vision. The range is available for all different kinds of prescriptions and can be fitted to almost all of our frames so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

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